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Powerbuilder 2019 R3, Postgresql 11

I want to trigger a function in Powerbuilder (to print, actually) whenever there is an insert of data in a particular table with a particular value in a field.  Is it possible ?

In Detail:

Billing data will be added from a mobile application and on save I want to print it to a thermal printer.  Bluetooth printers are not working at this point, as we have lot of disturbances in between.  WiFi thermal printers are not available here (is there any ?).  Searching alternative ways to print it.   

One option I thought is to trigger a Powerbuilder function which will print that particular record(s) in a predefined format and printer.   But no sure whether it's possible.

Would like to hear whether it's possible or not ?   Else any other solution to print from an Android Tab is available to a distantly placed thermal printer? 

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash


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I don't know of any way to have the database trigger an event in the PB app, but you can do it with a two step process.

Step 1 - add a trigger to the database that inserts a record into a "print me" table with the data that will be printed (or record numbers from a table(s) that contain the data)

Step 2 - on a timer from the main window, check for records in the "print me" table, take appropriate steps to print when necessary


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