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Want to have text around a picture inside Rich Text Edit control.  Is it possible?  Either in PB 2019 R3 or PB 2022. 

Text can be written above or below a picture copied (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) from another file.   Need to write text on left hand side and right hand side of the inserted picture.  Is that possible?

Tried in PB 2019R3, not successful.
When I tried first time in PB 2022, I could write it.  Don't know what happened (what I did), when I tried again I could not write it.   
Would like to know whether the control supplied with PB 2022 got that feature enabled?  If yes, how to enable that feature?

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash


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  1. Monday, 19 September 2022 11:40 AM UTC
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Using PB 2022

For few images we can wrap text around it (this is a png image)

For few images we couldn't wrap (this is a jpg image)

Again we could NOT do it for another png image

Would like to know whether this feature is enabled for all images or not ? 

Happiness Always
BKR Sivaprakash


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