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  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Friday, 12 October 2018 22:36 PM UTC

Hi All,

One of our team members documented the process he uses to help our clients install the Appeon Client as follows...

Hope it is helpful.


RE: Error Code 35

Hi All,

At the request of Muhammad – I have now documented the process on how to resolve the ActiveX Plug-in being blocked for MyAppeonApp Install.

To begin with do not Run the IWA runner in the url link provided- enter the link manually in the browser for IE

e.g   https://someURL.com/myappeonapp/iwarunner.html 

therefore you enter the url as follows you omit the line /iawrunner.html


Follow the instructions as given on the Page – Steps 1and Steps 2 only ignore step 3.

Then right click above the text “ download Appeeon Xcelerator package”

It will open a new page and download the Installer in a Zip format – find it among the Download and extract all files. then within the folder “ax_install_x32.zip” run the MSI file.

Once it has been installed the Restart IE and Re run the complete url this time again and MyAppeonApp Login window will appear as per picture below.

Pin the Window to the Taskbar. So that it will Run every time you need to log in to MyAppeonApp – saving you using the url link everytime.

Done – You have Installed MyAppeonApp.

Thank you 


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