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Scenario: We use all font files "srw", "sra", "...", in the folder "project/Fontes/***.sra", when using integration with GIT it is versioned in the folder "project/ws_objets /pbl/***.sra" and generating new files in version control.

Problem: because it is versioning somewhere else, it will break the version history, in addition to mainly causing problems with merges from the old model branches (powerbuild 10.5) to the new branch (powerbuillder 2022) since the directories have changed.

Is there any way to configure this to continue using the folder in the old model "project/Sources/files" without adding the new model of "ws_object/pbl/files" but with version control in GIT?


if there is no way to configure it, what would be recommended?, accept these changes and follow through the new folder or use another sourcer control

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  1. Thursday, 13 July 2023 12:21 PM UTC
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just for registration.

To work around problems, we made a script that reads the .PBG and maps the entire list of objects versioned in the old model and moved via the git command "git mv" to migrate the objects and maintain their history.

there was a problem with the accents, so we committed the changes anyway, and in another branch we migrated through the powerbuild IDE and copied the generated ws_object folder and replaced it in the initial branch (used git mv), so there were 2 commits, 1 migrating all objects and version control manually, and another by adjusting the accents.

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  1. Monday, 10 July 2023 05:45 AM UTC
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Hi Ciss,


Ws_objects is an essential part of Git and cannot be removed.

I suggest that you put different versions of the application in different folders to avoid the impact of this difference in source control.

In this way, each version will have its entire code in separate folders and the source control will be based on their separate folders.




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