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Hello All,

Our large application is currently in production both 32 & 64 bit distribution (12.6).  In *64* bit we discovered 2 serious RTE (DW & Control) flaws.  In a nutshell "no way to import OR print OR email legalese"

We know that 2017 R2 will include 64 bit RTE functionality - but we need it now!

1) import Doc / Import RTF fail.  Only import TXT works ( or very simple RTF)

2) SaveAs PDF fails

Currently we use RTF DW functionality to print RTF 'legalese' on the reverse side of documents

We are considering using a 3rd party RTControl but - how can we send it's print output to the queue that was started in PB?

int iMyPrintJob

iMyPrintJob = PrintOpen('myjob')

printdatawindow( iMyPrintJob, dw_side1)

//  -- How to pass Print Job to another program - then get it back

printdatawindow( iMyPrintJob, dw_legalese)  //fails in 64 bit because import RTF document failed - we'd like to replace with 3rd party control - h


printdatawindow( iMyPrintJob, dw_side3)  //etc

PrintClose( iMyPrintJob )





Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Yakov;

  Yes in the 64bit world, the RTE Control implementation in PB 2017 uses the Microsoft RTE control instead of the TE Control in the 32 bit world. There are certainly differences between them as outlined in my RTE seminar at the Elevate Conference last September 2017.

  The current plan is to implement a full 64bit RTE solution in PB 2018 - not PB 2017R2. Here are the PB 2017R2 features as listed in the Elevate Conference keynote:

   In the meantime I would agree with you that a 3rd party RTE control would be the way to proceed until Appeon PB includes the 64bit TE Control implementation. Unfortunately, the TX Control from the PB 12.x days (AFAIK) does nto have a 64bit version. Otherwise that could have been a good solution for now as PB 2017 can still utilize that 3rd  party control.

Regards ... Chris


Thanks Chis,

Not having 64 bit RTE until 2018, just lengthens the pain and strengthens our need to go 3rd party for the short term.

Incidentally, there is no PowerScript overload to print the contents of an RTE control to a specific print job.  The only way to insert RichText into a print Job is via an RTE DW.  - We would welcome having that ability


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