1. Andres Slachevsky
  2. PowerServer 2020 or older (Obsolete)
  3. Wednesday, 21 March 2018 13:14 PM UTC

Dear all,

any way to get the values i can put in the Powerserver Datasource for MSSQL Server in the 

Other Options and Extended Options

if i put the same than the dbparm seems to have no effect.

for example i have in my DBPARM:




Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 21 March 2018 14:53 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer 2020 or older (Obsolete)
  3. # 1

Hi Andres;

   FYI:  Currently, the "Other Options" setting values are only effective when communicating to an SQL Anywhere database.

Alternative1:  My suggestion would be to use PB's "Execute Immediate" SQL command statement and send the SS DBMS specific "SET" commands for the DB Options that you wish to activate/de-activate. For example:  "SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER, ANSI_NULLS ON".

Alternative2: Use a middleware client like OLE-DB, ADO.Net or ODBC for example. In the middleware, set the various DBParm settings you need from there to connect to SS as required.


Regards ... Chris

  1. Andres Slachevsky
  2. Thursday, 22 March 2018 11:40 AM UTC
Thanks Chris,

most of the options using both alternatives are working..

now i need to try to workaround the trustedconnection=1

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