1. Clarence Chamorro
  2. PowerServer Mobile (Obsolete)
  3. Monday, 25 January 2021 22:59 PM UTC

We are moving the Powerserver machine to a new office building.

Do I have to worry that when I bring The Powerserver up, in the same PC but with different External IP address, in the new location it is going to stop working? 

That is why the title of this question is if Powerserver Licenses is Machine related or External IP address related. If it is machine related then I do not worry.

I know I have a little work to do with the mobile devices (changing the path to the mobile app) but that is ok.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.


Armeen Mazda @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 25 January 2021 23:09 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer Mobile (Obsolete)
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Hi Clarence,

PowerServer 2020 version and older, licenses activate against a particular machine.  So only if you want to transfer PowerServer from one hardware to another then that is when you need to go through license reactivation procedure.

Start with PowerServer 2021 version and newer, licenses only monitor you don't exceed your licensed capacity and doesn't care how many machines you install on or switching machines.  So it is basically like how PowerBuilder licenses activation works.  But the PowerServer will require Internet connection.

Best regards,

  1. Clarence Chamorro
  2. Monday, 25 January 2021 23:53 PM UTC
Thank Dr Mazda.
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  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon
  2. Tuesday, 26 January 2021 01:16 AM UTC
You're very welcome.
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