1. Saroj Mungtaweepongsa
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Tuesday, 4 July 2017 15:53 PM UTC

My system is Window 10 64bit and daabase is MS SQL Server Express 2014.

ODBC Database connection :

Try 8 difference ways of odbc connection (2 Drivers / 32 & 64 bit odbc / User DSN / System DSN). All of these connect to the same database.











PowerServer Toolkit Configuration

1) DB Type Profiles for MSSQLServer using Native Interface. [CONNECTION SUCCEEDED]











2) DB Type Profiles for MSSQLServer using ODBC Interface. There are 6 ODBC files shown in dropdown list and all of these 6 ODBC connection succeeded. The missing 2 ODBC are 64bit System DSN for both ODBC & Native Driver.












3) Data Source Profiles Configuration (Using Native Driver). It take a long time trying to connect and returned CONNECTION FAILED.

















4) Data Source Profiles Configuration (Using ODBC Driver). The missing 2 ODBC from 2) appear here, but no the other 6 ODBC. Confused?? It difference from DB Type Profiles Tab. But these 2 ODBC CONNECT SUCCEEDED and very fast. And I noticed that there are only 64bit System DSN ODBC listed here.


















5) But, PowerBuilder IDE Database Profiles Setup could not select all the 64bit System DSN ODBC.