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  3. Tuesday, 22 October 2019 08:10 AM


currently we are using Powerbuilder 2017/R3 Build 1858 in connection with SQL-Server (2005 - 2017)! We defined a field with NVARCHAR(MAX) in a table. We try to select this field.


Regarding parameter PBMaxTextSize: field NVARCHAR(MAX) will be selected  correclty if we set this parameter for value 1000000.  But this client has been DEPRECATED since SQL-Server 2012!

SQLOLEDB/MSOLEDBSQL (direct connection) and ADO.Net (Namespace: System.Data.OleDB)

Parameter PBMaxTextSize does not exist and therefore the field will be cut after 32766 figures (not only in DW but also in Powerbuilder in general).

We tested this function with a select to this field in Powerbuilder under DATABSAE / ISQL Session (Select Field From Table). In ADO.Net even with error message:


When we tested the same Connect with C# (in Visual Studio), the field was selected correctly.

DBPARM (ConnectString):

SQLCA.DBParm = "PROVIDER='MSOLEDBSQL',DATASOURCE='ServerName','CommitOnDisconnect='No',PROVIDERSTRING='Database=Datenbase;App=MyApplication;DataTypeCompatibility=80'"

 The parameter: DBTextLimit=xxx – will be ignored!

Does a parameter exist for Powerbuilder which will select the data fields correctly (maybe in Powerbuilder 2019)?


We also have tested in ADO.Net the Namespace: System.Data.Sqlclient. Here, the NVARCHAR(MAX) fields were selected correctly (like in SQLNCLI9/10/11), but we can not set the ApplicationName (the parameter will be irgnored --> App=/ApplicationName=/Application Name=/Application=/... with apostrophe / without apostrophe).

However, this parameter has to be set for our application.

Kindly support us in this matter.


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  1. Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:16 PM
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Hi Michael,

I have tested the connection parameter APP and it worked fine (only the blanks in the application name were cut=.


App=My Application xxx --> APP_NAME() = MyApplicationxxx

My issue is solved. Thanks a lot!


Happy to help! /Michael
  1. Michael Kramer
  2. Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:35 PM
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  1. Tuesday, 22 October 2019 10:37 AM
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  • PowerBuilder >>> PB 2017 R3, #1858
  • Database >>>  MS SQL 2012
  • Table Column >>> description NVARCHAR(max) NULL
  • SQLCA >>>
    • DBMS = "ADO"
    • DBParm = "
      Namespace= 'System.Data.SqlClient',
      PROVIDERSTRING='. . .;App=MyApp',
      . . ."
  • Embedded SQL >>>
    • SELECT Description, APP_NAME( )
      INTO :ls_description, :ls_app_name
      FROM TestTable
      WHERE Test_ID = . . .

I receive:

  • ls_description = ". . ."   <== Full text of 290'000 chars
  • ls_app_name = "MyApp"


Differences I notice:

  1. Driver = System.Data.SqlClient
  2. Database defined outside PROVIDERSTRING
  3. No DataTypeCompatibility
  4. Embedded SQL retrieves both large text value and APP_NAME successfully

HTH /Michael

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