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  3. Thursday, 06 December 2018

I was able to work with PowerBuilder 2017 R2 and TortoiseSVN for source control for past one year in Windows 7 VDI.

We recently moved to Windows 10 VDI and I installed PowerBuilder 2017 R2 but the TortoiseSVN does not even show in the dropdown when I right click on the workspace.

and in win 7 I was able to see the option 'Connect to workspace' in the system tree when no Workspace is open.

now in win 10 in system tree the option 'Connect to workspace'  does not even shows.


I am able to Checkin / Out, Update code using TortoiseSVN through Windows Explorer in windows 10 as I was able in win 7.


Tom Jiang Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

It feels like you are missing some component for PowerBuilder on your Windows 10 VDI. You may try reinstalling PowerBuilder by running it using administrator. BTW, you may try the latest release of PowerBuilder 2017 R3.


Tom Jiang

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