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Powerbuilder application deployed to Citrix works great, except connecting to Excel file. I am using ODBC to connect to excel file to import data into datawindow, this works great on desktop but in Citrix client C: drive becomes \\Client\c$. getting error as

Error connecting to Excel file \\Client\C$\temp\Final - Upload Template.xlsx

Powerbuilder: 2017R2

Citrix presentation server: 7.15

Citrix receiver: 4.9


I guess issue is with the ODBC connection, I am getting file path by calling GetFileOpenName.
Not able to connect in Citrix, do you think it is related to permissions?

Works great in desktop ls_PathFileName = C:\Temp

But in Citrix ls_PathFileName = \\Client\C$\Temp

SQLCA.DBParm = "ConnectString='DSN=Excel Files;DBQ="+ls_PathFileName+"',CommitOnDisconnect='No'"
Connect using sqlca


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it is a silly mistake, resolved it myself. Just for anyone who come across the similar situation.

install 32bit version of office in Citrix.


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