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  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 6 July 2017 01:02 AM UTC

I try to deploy application to mobile and after success running on Android. But How to hidden "Appeon Application" message when startup the apps?

Another question, How to deploy auto resize when using different mobile screen size?

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  1. Thursday, 6 July 2017 03:44 AM UTC
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Hi N Y,

        Please see the comments as below on your questions:

  1. Do you mean the message shown "Appeon Workspace" when startup the Appeon Workspace?

If not, then please provide us the screenshot of this message so that we can better understand it.

If yes, then please refer to the help documentation in the links below to customize and package Appeon Workspace, thus you can customize the UI text.




       2. Please use the Appeon Resize Object to resize the object, for more details please refer to:https://www.appeon.com/support/documents/appeon_online_help/2016/workarounds_and_api_guide/ch01s03s13.html

You can also try the Mobile UI Resizing, for more details please refer to:https://www.appeon.com/support/documents/appeon_online_help/2016/server_configuration_guide_for_net/ch04s05.html



Appeon Support Team



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