1. Juan Pedro Sanz Diez
  2. PowerServer Mobile (Obsolete)
  3. Tuesday, 9 June 2020 14:49 PM UTC


We had Web Server in IIS (Machine A) and AppServer in IIS (Machine B). Communications between users and machine A are via https and Communications between machine A and machine B are via https too.

We tested Web applications and they were fine ( 80-100 users) , except for two users that had performance problems.

But in mobile applications, we tested in three mobiles and one was ok, and two were slow: Sometimes were slow in a point, sometimes were slow in another point, sometimes were somehow quickly, and sometimes we get a timeout.

Also, we detected performance problems with the same mobile, but connected by WIFI or 4G

i.e by WIFI 30 sec. by 4G 2 minutes

So we have talked to systems mates and we have connected directly to the AppServer in IISS (Machine b), and the performance problems were solved, for the two mobiles, and also for the two users with problems in the web applications.

We think there could be any problem in the configuration of Web Server in IIS (Machine A). Something in Appeon, or ISS configurations that is making some users go fast and some users go slow.

This is Appeon PowerServer 2020 Build 2323.00.

Deployed from PowerServer Toolkit 2020 Build 2323.00.

Have anyone had a similar problem in this web server - Appserver configuration ?



Juan Pedro Sanz Díez

Armeen Mazda @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 9 June 2020 16:07 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer Mobile (Obsolete)
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If the problem is always the same 2 users and other 80-100 users have no problems then it is not a server configuration issue.  My guess is this is PC configuration or Internet connection issue of those 2 users.

As far as the 3 mobile devices you tested, you said 1 worked OK and the other 2 devices were slow.  Are all 3 devices the same?

What kind of performance is the one good device getting on WiFi vs. 4G?

Is the app on mobile the same app that you deployed to Web to the 80-100 users?




  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon
  2. Wednesday, 10 June 2020 15:31 PM UTC
I don’t see problem with that. Lots of companies run this way. Separating is usually for scalability and failover purposes, but in that case you would have multiple web servers and multiple app servers.
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  1. Juan Pedro Sanz Diez
  2. Thursday, 11 June 2020 09:13 AM UTC
In our case, we are not thinking right now neither in scalability nor in failover purposes (We have only one app server).

Ok, then we will forget the idea of webserver &appserver in separate machines and will continue in a single one.

Thank you very much for your help!!!!
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  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon
  2. Thursday, 11 June 2020 15:17 PM UTC
You're very welcome.
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