1. Marc Wietscher
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  3. Friday, 5 April 2024 11:56 AM UTC


PowerBuilder 2022R3 Build 3305 keeps asking to full build a target that contains compiled libraries (pbd files), if "Show prompt for full-building a target if it is opened after PowerBuilder Runtime change" is activated in IDE's System Options (s. screenshot #1).

The original target containig the pbl files was compiled and deployed with the same build of PowerBuilder. Even after running the full build on the compiled target PowerBuilder will ask to perform a full build again next time the workspace is loaded.

There is no issue with the target containing the pbl files, only the target with the compiled pbd files seems to be a problem, although the pbd files were compiled with the same build (s. screenshot #2).

Workaround: You might cancel the full build request or deactivate the setting in System Options

I created a sample application which you can find attached.


Can anyone reproduce/confirm this issue?


Best regards,


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  1. Friday, 5 April 2024 12:26 PM UTC
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Build 3305 (one-off EBF)


3305 is an EBF, not a standard MR.  so not sure what help will be available.


regardless, report this as a bug to appeon.

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