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  3. Thursday, 20 June 2024 08:17 AM UTC

Hi All

When I use PB2022 GIT Pull code locally, I can't refresh to the latest object and every time I get the following message

anyone can tell me how to fix it?

One or more PowerBuilder objects failed to compile in your local PBL(s) after getting the latest revision from the source control server.
Press OK to accept the imported objects even with compile failures.

Press Cancel to roll back this entire SCC operation.


Addd :

1.  it's been refreshed several times, several attempts to re-import, and I can confirm that it's not a problem with incremental build , the same operation is not a problem on other workstations

2. I am using GIT to sync to local, there are PBW/PBT/WS_Object on GIT, after pull code to local, PBL can be created locally, and WS_Object directory is also synced successfully, but PB2022 will get an error when importing Objects.

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  1. Thursday, 20 June 2024 11:32 AM UTC
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Press OK and refresh again. If the problem persists, try an incremental build followed by another refresh.

If the message still pops up there might be actual syntactical issues with the code. Check the detailed error message to find out where.

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