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We had installed in our machines PowerBuilder R3 1880, PowerServer R3 1880, and PowerServer Toolkit R3 1880. Also, we had installed PowerServer R3 1858 in our test and production server (this is the latest version for TESTING FOR WORKGROUP).

We noticed that when we create a package in our machines and then we deploy on the servers the plugins have to be installed every time we run the applications. However, we noticed that when we deploy from our toolkit against the servers, it does not happen.

We also noticed that the files x32_application.htm, x32_index.htm x64_index.htm, x64_application.htm, plugins.xml, and others; the only difference they had was the version number. The package generated in R3 1880 created files on the R3 1858 server with version 1880 in the HTM and XML files. We proceeded to modify the files, and the result was that the error disappeared. Is it correct to make that modification? Is there any other way to correct the version number? What else do you suggest?


Attached are a few images of the files comparison. 



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Oscar Naranjo 

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Hi Oscar,

When the version in x32_application.htm higher than PowerServer, it will always try to download and install the higher one. please try solve the issue by installing PowerServer(PB Edtion) 2017 build 1858, or please deploy application to PowerServer directly.


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