1. Jeff Kandt
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  3. Wednesday, 5 July 2017 17:00 PM UTC

Hi. The User's Guide says:

Caution: You should not run an OrcaScript batch file if PowerBuilder is currently running on the same computer. If the PowerBuilder development environment is not shut down while OrcaScript is running, your PowerBuilder libraries can become corrupted. For this reason, casual use of OrcaScript is not recommended.


I haven't used ORCAScript before but was thinking about using PBC170.exe for developer machine tasks like building PBLs and a local Workspace from source files when starting work on a new application or code branch. It would be slightly less useful if the developer has to remember to quit the IDE and can't use PB at all while this is happening in the background.  

Is this practice only unsafe if you are trying to work on the same PBLs using the IDE that ORCAScript may be modifying, or is there a lower-level conflict? In my hypothetical use case the new Workspace and PBLs would be getting created from scratch so there would be no way to connect to them in the IDE yet.

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  1. Wednesday, 5 July 2017 18:33 PM UTC
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I believe that is talking about actively editing a pbl when a build is running (orca script) and doesn't have anything to do with the IDE actually just sitting there open and not being used.  Because it doesn't make any sense that just having the IDE running would corrupt a pbl.

If you copy the pbls to a 'build' only directory prior to running the orca script batch build i would assume you will be fine.  

In 12.5x (and since PB 9) I kick off build patches and customization pbds via orca script while also running PB and actively editing pbls.   My script first copies the pbl to a 'build' directory, then builds the pbd from that pbl.  This prevents any corruption.   Before i added the copy process, i DID corrupt a pbl during an orca script build, so the copy step is critical.


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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 5 July 2017 17:30 PM UTC
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Hi Jeff;

  Thank you for the "heads-up" on using the ORCAScript feature & the PB 2017 IDE at the same time. I'll convey your negative experience over to Engineering. While I did not test these two running together during my beta testing, I did test the PBC170.exe and the IDE running together at the same time with no issues.

Regards ... Chris

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