1. Robert Umpleby
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 13 April 2023 15:01 PM UTC

We have a Powerbuilder app and it uses ole control on a window and uses Microsoft word.  If users have a 32 bit version of word installed the word document stays inside the ole control and users can edit and save document.  However if users get a newer version of word using 64 bit version the word it appears like two duplicate word documents are open.  The ole control word appears to only be read-only and the editable word appears to look and feel like a regular independent word document. 


I have set my word File - Options - General- When using multiple displays - Optimize for compatibility.  So in the attached screen print if users are using the 64bit version they have to get used to editing the detached word document.


I don't seem to find and option to make this work like the 32 bit version of word using the ole control in PowerBuilder.  I have attached a file showing what the 64 bit version of word does.

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