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I'm opening a sheet using the OpensheetDocked method. The window has an OLE object on it. If I move the window the OLE object stay stuck to the frame! Any code executed for the OLE then only works on the object that is stuck to the frame and not the ones in the window. Hard to explain, the attached screenshots show what's going on.

If I open the window using just the Open method the OLE's move with the window no problem, it's just when we I am using dockable sheets.


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Armeen Mazda @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I would not recommend to use Dockable feature.  We announced at Elevate 2018 that we would be coming up with a replacement in the future roadmap and very few people are using this feature. 

While we have cleaned up most of the half-baked features Sybase added to PB (e.g. EAServer, PB.NET, etc.), but this is still one that is left.

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