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  3. Thursday, 17 August 2017

I'm not finding an entry for MySQL in the ODB170.INI file, so retrieval of identity keys isn't working. I found the following on the web somewhere:


GetIdentity='Select @@identity'

(I actually added the 2nd through 4th lines in the [MySQL] section.) I think either version for GetIdentity in [MySQL_SYNTAX] will work.

Is there anything else I should add there? What I have so far definitely solves the retrieval of identity keys problem.


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I'm observing a problem with the minimal ODBC170.INI section I added for MySQL (or perhaps the problem is with something else).

In the database painter, if I connect to a MySQL datasource, open Tables, and then try to open one of the tables to see its columns, I get a messagebox saying "Table foo has no columns; possible invalid table format".

I tried adding a few lines into the [MySQL_SYNTAX] section that were present in another of my sections for another DB (where I can see a table's columns fine), as follows, in case they were relevant:

CreateTable='CREATE TABLE &TableName (::ColumnElement[::ColumnElement]...)'
ColumnElement='&ColumnName &DataType'
DropTable='DROP TABLE &TableName'

But that didn't make any difference. (Yes, I exited and restarted PB 2017 so it would see the change.)

Any bright ideas?

Hi Dan,

I think that the problem lies elsewhere. I am using MySQL 5.7 with the 32 bit ODBC connector 5.3 and have no problem. I also do not have any MySQL section in the PBODB170.INI.

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  2. Friday, 18 August 2017
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