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Currently we have a number of applications that are currently using PowerBuilder 2019R3. The original apps were written 20 years ago and we have been upgrading the PB versions along the way. They are classic PowerBuilder C/S applications. And they connect to DB2 from the client.

The organization wants to move these PowerBuilder apps to the cloud. What options would you suggest to move PB C/S apps to the cloud.




Armeen Mazda @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 25 August 2021 21:06 PM UTC
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Three options comes to my mind:

1. Virtual Desktop

Azure, AWS, etc. all have their own flavors of virutal desktop.  Technically, your app is still client/server architecture but this way you can have both your client and the DB in the cloud.

2. PowerServer

I know you are using DB2 and PowerServer doesn't support this database, but I just want to throw it out for sake of covering all options for other readers or in case you decide to migrate off of DB2.

3. PowerScript Migrator

This will end up being probably about half the effort of a rewrite, but if the above two options are not possible then you just might have to bite the bullet.  Basically, the PB business logic and data access logic can be migrated to C# REST APIs in semi-automatic way, and you manually develop new UI.


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