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Is there any other method or function in PB 2017 for using Simple MAPI for mailSession ?

I've found that it is possible with setting UseSimpleMAPI=yes  in pb.ini, but we never deployed pb.ini to clients, there was no reason to do.

Now default is Extended MAPI ( better would be Simple MAPI, and those who want to use new interface should have a property or function to change it )

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Dan Cooperstock Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

The Help page "About MAPI" seems to clearly answer this:

For a deployed application, create a text file named pb.ini with the text above and deploy it with your application executable.

The "text above" it refers to is in the same Help page, namely what you put into the IDE's pb.ini file:


Dan, what is the expected difference between simple and extended.  I tried setting UseSimpleMAPI=no and i'm not seeing any difference.  My main issue is the inability to edit the outgoing email prior to send.  Need to be able to change text & subject.  Right now I get a prompt to select the "to" from the outlook address book but then it sends the email without opening the edit.



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  2. Friday, 8 December 2017
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