1. Bob Young
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 12 March 2020 12:00 PM UTC


One of our users logs in and gets sent straight back to the login screen.

The web admin shows them as logged in, but they can't get past the new login. If they click exit PB shuts down, if they log in again they are told they are already logged in.

We are using PB2017 R3 version 1880

This does not do this from my machine regardless of whether I am logged in or not. if i am not logged in it logs in and proceeds, if i stay logged in it does not ask next time. If I log out it send me back to the login screen, and then proceeds.


What is different about his machine? both licenses are for the same PB version.





Delete install and clean up manually.

Windows left leftover files in "C:\Program Data\Appeon" and "C:\Program Data\AppeonConfig". I deleted those folders and reinstalled PowerBuilder and it started working again.


Clearly it was borked, but why is a mystery.



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