1. Mike S
  2. PowerServer 2020 or older (Obsolete)
  3. Saturday, 8 July 2017 19:43 PM UTC

I had been using IWA to run my powerserver web using appeon 2016.

I updated powerserver web to the newest EBF (Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 Build 1119.00) , and re-deployed using 1119 .  My application didn't change at all, just upgrading the appeon server and toolkits.

Now when i run the app via IWA i get a message that says that there is a new version available and whether I want to upgrade.

  1. What am i upgrading?  just the IWA shell, or is it my application that is upgrading?
    1. If i say no, the application seems to run fine.   
    2. Is it OK to say no?  what does this actually mean?  Am i running the earlier build of appeon or of the IWA shell?
  2. If i upgrade:
    1. there is a bug in the update process itself - it doesn't end the original session if i tell it to update the app and it just stays there until the eventual time out. A 2nd session gets created after the update is finished.  (i already reported this) 
    2. I don't like all the questions to update.  If you say yes it should update and not ask you hit yes 7 more times.


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  1. Saturday, 8 July 2017 19:58 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer 2020 or older (Obsolete)
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Ok, i found my answers.  I should have just looked it up in help.  It was just the IWA that updated, and you don't need to update the IWA as it appears to be backward compatible.

About IWA Runner

  • User will be prompted to upgrade IWA Runner if it is updated.
  • IWA Runner can support IWA apps of different versions (such as Version 2016, Version 2017) and it is backwards compatible after upgraded.
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