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I have three 10 column n-up datawindows, one above the other, and I want them all to scroll horizontally at the same time.  In the development environment, this code in the scrollhorizontal event of the main datawindow successfully scrolls the other two datawindows to the correct position:

String ls_rc

MessageBox('', 'Scrolling to ' + String(scrollpos))
ls_rc = dw_header.Modify("Datawindow.HorizontalScrollPosition=" + String(scrollpos) )
MessageBox('header rc' , ls_rc)
ls_rc = dw_summary.Modify("Datawindow.HorizontalScrollPosition=" + String(scrollpos) )
MessageBox('summary rc' , ls_rc)



I've added the message boxes to understand why it's not working when I deploy it to the web.  When I run the web deployed version, the message boxes tell me:


Line 1 Column -1 Incorrect syntax.


Is there a work around for programatically setting the horizontal scroll position?





Lars Mosegaard Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I would use a scroll bar on the window instead of each datawindow.

Thanks, I've raised a ticket to get this looked at, but that's a good interim solution. Ideally I'd like the column headers to be fixed at the top of the page, but at least this way they'll be synchronized.
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