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  3. Thursday, 18 January 2024 16:39 PM UTC

I'm currently using Powerbuilder Version 2022 Build 1878 64-bit and the AcroExchApp/AcroExchPDDOC.

I can open the XFA pdf files and *read* the values, but I can not change the value in the JS Object. I'd like to figure out how or find another way to change the fillable field.


Current code looks like

AcroExchApp = create OLEObject

AcroExchPDDoc = create OLEObject


PDDocGetJSObject = AcroExchPDDoc.GetJSObject();

ls_field_name = 'form1[0].#subform[0].TextField1[0]'
PDDocField = PDDocGetJSObject.getField(ls_field_name)

lb_readonly = PDDocField.readonly;

PDDocField.value = "FUZZY"

ls_new_value = PDDocField.value;


In that ls_current_value receives the value that is currently in the fillable field (James), and  PDDocField.readonly is false. But ls_new_value still has the value currently in the fillable field (so James, *not* FUZZY). I have full Adobe Acrobat PRO on my machine (as will the people using the software).


If I can't use this software inside Powerbuilder, I'll happily change to some other suggested method.  Note, these are XFA files, I don't have a copy of the template in a more modern setup.

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