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My application sends outbound emails and I need my users to be able to edit the body of the email.  I'd like them to be able to format the body of the email with the same type of options as if you were in Outlook or another email tool which formats html emails.  I've looked at using the rtf editor, using it to build the email, then save to an html file for use with my email code.  It kind of works, but some of the formatting doesn't hold, like adding blank lines by hitting the return key in the rtf editor, don't come through when I save the rtf doc to html then send that html doc through the email client (testing with Chilkat).  I'd love thoughts on this process.  Is there an html editor I could use which would work better?



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The Microsoft WebBrowser control has an edit mode. I have an example:



Thanks for the quick response!  I saw that, but for some reason it wasn't clicking.  I think it will work great for me.  Should I be concerned with the ole control going away in the future?  


  1. Mitch Goldstein
  2. Thursday, 29 March 2018
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