1. David Vasconcelos
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  3. Tuesday, 9 October 2018 17:33 PM UTC

Needs to work for either PowerBuilder 2017 classic or Powerserver..  I using a windows api to map a drive (WNetAddConnection2).

I would like to hide it once it's mapped so that it is not seen in file explorer.  Does anyone know if this is possible.


Dave V.

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  1. Tuesday, 9 October 2018 20:21 PM UTC
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Here is some C code I found:


NETRESOURCE* netresource = new NETRESOURCE();	
netresource->dwType = RESOURCETYPE_DISK;
netresource->lpLocalName = NULL;
netresource->lpRemoteName = (LPTSTR)(LPCSTR)remoteName;
netresource->lpProvider = NULL;
WNetAddConnection2(netresource, mainWnd->m_password, mainWnd->m_userName, NULL);

After that you should be able to access the files using UNC naming.

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