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I know there is a way to connect to a repository from IDE using "Connect to Workspace" if no workspace is open. This clones the repository to my local machine and opens the workspace.

I want to use a different way:

- Use TortoiseGit to clone the repository

- open the workspace (this is not connected to Git at this moment)

- connect the workspace to Git (using my already existing local repository)

But I found no way to do the last step. I only can do "Add to Source Control" but this overwrites my cloned repository.

How can I do that?




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I've got the following workaround from support team:

Let us say you have an existing repository in C:\MyWorkspace
1.	Temporarily rename you existing repository in another name C:\MyWorkspace_temp
2.	Create a new folder with the name C:\MyWorkspace
3.	Using “Connect to Workspace” to download the workspace from the Git server. 
4.	Delete C:\MyWorkspace and rename C:\MyWorkspace_temp back to C:\MyWorkspace

Thanks to Tom Jiang

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