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Where can you set the received message buffer size limit in a web service proxy based on the .net/WCF engine?  The default behavior seems to be unlimited message size (10 MB works in test), but I'd like to be able to set a limit depending on circumstances.  

Back in PowerBuilder .net, you could set the  maxReceivedMessageSize parameter to control that behavior, but I can't find how to control it in PB Classic 12.5 or PB 2017.


Doug Holt

Bruce Armstrong Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

The .Net engine that Classic PowerBuilder uses isn't based on WCF, it's based on the older ASP.net web services.

There isn't (that I know of) to control that from the client.  You can adjust the allowed size of a request in the web service (assuming that it's ASP.Net) by putting a httpRuntime maxRequestLength attribute in the web.config file.

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