1. Olan Knight
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Wednesday, 13 September 2017 18:50 PM UTC

Windows 7, 32 bit o/s
PowerBuilder v12.1
Eclipse Juno
Basic Java

1. I have successfully integrated SVN with PowerBuilder.
    This means that SlikSVN and TortoiseSVN are on the VM and working properly.

2. I also have Java code that is invoked from my PowerBuilder application.

3. I have added a new project called "Java" to the main SVN repository, and have successfully added the actual java code into the repository.

4. I installed SUBCLIPSE into Eclipse, and linked in the JAVA project from the MAIN repository.
    The Java files appear in the Eclipse Package Explorer.

   Now.....how do I actually check-in and check out the Java files for editing?

Thank You,



I used this link to guide my integration of Subclipse with Eclipse:  http://tutoringcenter.cs.usfca.edu/resources/using-svn-via-eclipse-and-subclipse.html
Current look in Eclipse:

Here's what the MAIN repository looks like from the TortoiseSVN Repo-Browser:

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  1. Saturday, 2 December 2017 01:46 AM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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A bit late, but FWIW I use Tortoise SVN and do check-in/check-out from Windows Explorer.  I have Subeclipse installed in Eclipse as well, but I really don't use the features within Eclipse.

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