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Good morning,


Let me show you how i have it in the previous version of the Application without the ribbonbar.

This window is as a  presentation/initial window, all the sheets you open are open over this presentation window.

When i migrated to pb2022 R3, this initial sheet appears as a tag of my TabbedView called presentación,

I don't like this because the idea of this sheet Presentación is to be by default behind al the tags in the TabbView, not like a tag that we're going to select.

The idea is that if I close all my sheets, this will be the one that appears by default and must not be shown in the tabbview.




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  1. Monday, 20 May 2024 11:58 AM UTC
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Hi ;

     Unfortunately, the TabbedView feature as set in the MDI Frame window is an "all or nothing" property setting. In other words, you cannot control this feature by "Sheet". 

    My suggestion though based on your brief description would be to use a Visual User Object that opens directly on the MDI Frame and acts as the main App Control window. Then let the Sheet windows proceed in TabbedView mode.

Regards ... Chris 

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