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  3. Sunday, 1 November 2020 09:33 AM UTC


we use the native svn integration of Powerbuilder 2019 R2.

In our projects some of the pbl's are class libraries (like pfc's). If a programmer wants to update the class libraries he get's a lock on the pbl's in Powerbuilder and copies the new pbl class library files into his local project folder (using windows explorer).
In this case Powerbuilder does not detect the changed objects (no green check sign) and does not commit them to the svn server.

How can i solve the problem?

Thanks for any help.


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  1. Wednesday, 4 November 2020 07:59 AM UTC
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Hi René,

thanks for the hints.

It would be more practical for our developers if this could be done within Powerbuilder.

As a temporary solution the developer edits the comment of each object in Powerbuilder, so Powerbuilder marks them as changed and uploads the changes to the svn server.

Maybe Appeon has a better solution in the future.


A more convinient way ist to mark all relevant objects in the library painter, right mouse button, properties, click ok for each object (no need to change the comment)

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  1. Monday, 2 November 2020 07:19 AM UTC
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Hi Samuel,

I think you should not update the PBL to get the changes to your repository. It would be better if you can update the sources (in the file system) and commit the change. Use Refresh to get the changes to the PBL.


If the sources of your class libraries are also under SVN source control you can use a Merge of two different trees to update the copy from the original (e.g. with TortoiseSVN).





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