1. Sverre Tvedt
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 9 March 2023 16:49 PM UTC

Powerbuilder 2022 build 1892/ Windows 10

GIT central repository : Azure Devops (If it matters )

I get the message

" ---------- Source Control: Errors   (17:39:52)
Git detail error info: The path 'C:' does not exist in the given tree
Git client error code: Requested object could not be found. Because of invalid value in Author, Email, username, password, or local branch name, etc.
Failed to revert file.
Failed to do Git revert.
 ---------- Finished Errors   (17:39:53)"

This seems to have persisted since version 2021.

Everything else is working smoothly against central repository.



Sverre Tvedt


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