1. ATK Gimmy Susan
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 26 July 2018 15:51 PM UTC

Hi to ALL


Is there any planning for the introduction of the GIT branches?

We really need it.


Git without Branch is like going to the brewery and drinking water.





Tom Jiang @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Friday, 27 July 2018 07:55 AM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. # 1

The ability to pull and push to a branch based on where the current working directory sits will not be included in PB 2017 R3. It is expected to be included in the release after R3.  But there are some enhancements and bug fixes in R3 that should make your Git experience better. So, we still suggest that you try R3, but Git branch is not available yet.

  1. ATK Gimmy Susan
  2. Friday, 27 July 2018 08:03 AM UTC


i'm very sad

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  1. ATK Gimmy Susan
  2. Friday, 27 July 2018 08:04 AM UTC
is possible to have a detail walkthrough about use branch with Powerbuilder ?

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  1. Tom Jiang @Appeon
  2. Friday, 27 July 2018 09:01 AM UTC
Maybe you can do this using TortoiseGit with the following methods:

1. Switch the working directory to dev branch with TortoiseGit.

2. Open PB and use the Refresh context menu in the System Tree to update all the objects (this step is critical)

3. Make the changes in PB, save, and close PB.

4. Commit and push the changes using TortoiseGit.

You can use these steps to work with other branches. Now this is not an official solution and no QA process has done to guarantee it would work and always work the way it currently works . We still recommend you wait for the release after R3 to work with Git branches.
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Armeen Mazda @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 26 July 2018 20:37 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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I don't understand the question.  You can do Git branches, and in PB 2017 R3 we have made some usability enhancements.  You will need to install Tortoise Git though if you want to do branches.

  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon
  2. Thursday, 26 July 2018 21:44 PM UTC
R3 is much more user-friendly, and it has integration with Tortoise Git. My recommend is try R3 with Tortoise Git and maybe you will be much happier.
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  1. ATK Gimmy Susan
  2. Friday, 27 July 2018 07:18 AM UTC
oh oh .... !

thans a lot.

i'lll install the r3 next week after your release.

thanks for patience

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  1. Christopher Moran
  2. Friday, 27 July 2018 12:54 PM UTC
our organization isnt allowed to use tortoisegit and we can't develop without branches so looks like we are out of luck too. if there is a way to do it with the standard git windows plugin that would be a great article to publish.
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