1. Tareq Haschemi
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Tuesday, 24 April 2018 20:36 PM UTC

Let's imagine the following scenario:

1. I create a new branch (feature_X) and switch to the develop branch.

2. I make a change ... git notices that two files have changed:
Once the x2.pbl file and once the source file from ws_objects. I commit this change.

3. I switch back to the develop branch. There I make a change in the same place and elsewhere ... git notices again that two files have changed. the x2.pbl and the source file located in ws_objects.

Now, the changes from feature_X branch to merge into the develop branch. As expected, we get a merge conflict. There are two files in conflict:

1. the x2.pbl and 2. the source file (from ws_objects).

the source file can be merged after a manually adjust, but how do I deal with the x2.pbl? Since this is a binary file I can either choose between the x2.pbl from the develop branch or the x2.pbl from feature_X.

If I select the x2.pbl from feature_X, the changes I made later in develop are gone. If I select the x2.pbl from develop, the changes from the feature_x branch will be lost.

what am I doing wrong here? Surely there is a possibility that I will regenerate the .pbl after I have adapted the source file from the ws_object folder? Should not this happen automatically?

How do I get Powerbuilder configured to regenerate the x2.pbl as soon as the source file is changed from ws_objects?

BTW: i am using source-tree to work with git and the branching

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  1. Wednesday, 25 April 2018 03:24 AM UTC
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1. Don't commit the PBLs, PB does not (unless you add/upload a new PBL). This will always give a merge conflict and makes problems e.g. in a multi developer project. You have e.g. to stash them to make a clean pull

2. With the right mouse menu Refresh in the System Tree PB reads and compiles the changed objects.


  1. Tareq Haschemi
  2. Wednesday, 25 April 2018 06:14 AM UTC
Okay, i‘ll give it a try as soon i reach the office.

so i have to use the PB ide git functions and cant use a Tool like Sourcetree or the regular bash for commiting, except for switching Branches, right?

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  1. Tareq Haschemi
  2. Wednesday, 25 April 2018 07:06 AM UTC
Press the "Refresh" button and the merge has worked well. But after a refresh, weirdly umlauts are replaced by incorrect characters. 

I think that's because I did the changes with another editor in the source file and he saved them with a different character encoding.

So my question: Where can I access the source files in ws_obects via Powerbuilder?

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  1. Arthur Hefti
  2. Thursday, 26 April 2018 03:33 AM UTC

You can use any external tool that allows you to choose which files to commit

Files in PB can be edited with Tools -> File Editor (outside PB you have to make sure the editor does not change the format of the source file)

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