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is there an option to modify the maximal string size that can be selected with embedded SQL Select?
At the moment there is a limit of about 32000.

This is my workaround at the moment (dw_syntax can be larger than 32k):

selectblob dwsyntax into :lb_dwsyntax from sp....() using sqlca;
ls_dwsyntax = string(lb_dwsyntax,EncodingAnsi!)

This dont't work with more that 32k size, but would be the better solution:
select dwsyntax into :ls_dwsyntaxfrom sp....() using sqlca;


Regards Tobi

Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Tobias;

   Try adding this to the DBParm field in your App's  Transaction Object before you connect to the DB, for example ...

SQLCA.DBParm =" PBMaxTextSize='100000' "


Regards ... Chris

Hi Chris,

we are using SQL Anywhere as DBMS.

I read the Help for PBMaxTextSize. The Connection Option is for "SNC SQL Native Client for Microsoft SQL Server".

Is there a solution for SAP SQL Anywhere too?


Regards Tobi

  1. Tobias Roth
  2. Friday, 2 February 2018
Hi Tobias;

  I cannot be sure, bu I seem to remember that we needed to add this setting to PB's ODBC INI control file. I the current case, PBODB170.ini in the SQL Anywhere section.

Regards ... Chris


  1. Chris Pollach
  2. Monday, 5 February 2018
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