1. Don Whitehead
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Wednesday, 26 January 2022 22:43 PM UTC

We converted an application from version 8 to Powerbuilder 2021 and the following code is not functioning properly..

The code actually works fine when I run it locally using the PowerBuilder 20221 IDE, but when I build the .exe it is giving us a -3 return code when trying to execute the oSMTP.ConnectToNewObject("SMTPEmail.clsEmail") command

string ls_from
string ls_replyto = ""
string ls_to
string ls_cc
string ls_bcc
string ls_subject
string ls_body
boolean lb_DisplayEmail = true
string ls_attachments[]
integer li_rc
oleobject oSMTP
oleobject oLDAP
oSMTP = CREATE oleobject
li_rc = oSMTP.ConnectToNewObject("SMTPEmail.clsEmail")
//MessageBox("return code from connect to new object",li_rc)

oLDAP = CREATE oleobject
li_rc = oLDAP.ConnectToNewObject("SMTPEmail.clsLDAP")


// dont allow as_to to be null
if isnull(as_to) then
as_to = ""
end if

ls_to = as_to
ls_replyto = ""
ls_cc = as_cc
ls_bcc = as_bcc
ls_subject = as_subject
ls_body = as_body

// CHG0032612 if fromn address is passed use it
if as_from = "" then
ls_from = oLDAP.GetLDAPUserEmail(gs_initial_user)
ls_from = as_from
end if

ls_bcc = ls_bcc + ls_from // always bcc yourself to make up for the "no sent" issue

ls_attachments[1] = as_attach

//oSMTP.EmailWindowTitle = "PowerBuilder test" // puts a custom title on the email window
oSMTP.EmailFromEnabled = False

// w16249 add email server name as an ini entry
oSMTP.EmailSMTPServer = ProfileString( gs_profile,"email","SMTPServer", "mailhost.empire.ca")

oSMTP.EmailFormat = oSMTP.oSMTPConstants.FormatTEXT // use the dll's allowable values for the email format

oSMTP.SendEmail (ls_from, ls_to, ls_replyto, ls_cc, ls_bcc, ls_subject, ls_body, lb_DisplayEmail, ls_attachments[])

destroy oSMTP
destroy oLDAP

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  1. Thursday, 27 January 2022 01:13 AM UTC
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Thank you for the response John.. 32 bit was the correct compile..much appreciated

  1. John Fauss
  2. Thursday, 27 January 2022 04:47 AM UTC
Happy to help, Don! Would you please mark this question as resolved? Thanks!
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  1. Thursday, 27 January 2022 00:00 AM UTC
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Hi, Don -

From the tags you assigned to this question, it appears the exe/pbd's are deployed as 64-bit?

Do you have a 64-bit version of the OCX installed on the machine where the 64-bit app is running?

For testing purposes, can you try building a 32-bit exe/pbd's to see if that works?

Regards, John

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