1. Pete N
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  3. Saturday, 6 August 2022 17:27 PM UTC

I have recently updated a 20+ year old PowerBuilder app that, before migration, was using an Oracle 7 driver to connect without issue to an Oracle 11 database. After switching to the ORA Oracle driver (the one meant for Oracle 11,12,19), it causes the application to hang and sometimes crash. My workaround is to just install and use the Oracle 10 driver. The application also performs faster with the O10 driver. 

I'm looking for some tips on things I should be looking for to help better diagnose and ultimately fix this issue. I'm also using the Oracle 11 client and will be trying to upgrade both database and client to Oracle 19 soon. 

Thank you.


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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Saturday, 6 August 2022 18:06 PM UTC
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Hi Pete;

  Yes, the latest O19C driver ( version from Oracle has issues. Oracle is working on an updated driver as well (21.6.0). This will be supported in PB2022. 

FYI: https://community.appeon.com/index.php/qna/q-a/pb-17-and-oracle-19c

In the meantime, using an earlier O19/O18/O12 driver is okay. I'm not sure about using the very old O10 driver though with much newer Oracle servers. A thorough System Test would be advised if you continue on that path. 


Regards... Chris 


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