1. Jeff Gibson
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Friday, 1 September 2023 18:59 PM UTC

I'm currently working a contract with a company that is trying to implement Source Control within their environment.

Since they consider their code to be extremely sensitive, they didn't want to house a GIT repository outside of their firewall.  One of the team members recommended we use Gogs.

We installed Gogs on the server we're using for source control. Created a repository. Set up our users, etc.

Because this is internal, it's just HTTP.  No SSL.

From our machines that have PowerBuilder on them, we can access the repository URL just fine through our browser.  HTTP.

However, when we attempt to push the code and connect to that server/GIT Repository through PowerBuilder, it never connects. 

Should it be possible to connect to a repository just using http? Or do we need to install an SSL on the server so PowerBuilder will find it correctly?

Any information would really be appreciated!

Error Info - When we attempt to connect, we get a 504-status code.

504 Error

Jeff Gibson
PowerBuilder Consultant
Nashville, TN


Esau Redwan Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Friday, 1 September 2023 21:51 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Hi Francisco,

Thanks for your help.

I am Jeff's colleague working with him on setting up GIT source control for PowerBuilder.
To address your comment, I checked the Gogs logs and dont see any errors shown.
If there was an issue with the server then we wouldn't be able to visit the Gogs repository URL which can be interacted with fine on the browser. 

I believe the issue is coming from PowerBuilder because other platforms can visit the repository fine. What else can we do to troubleshoot this issue? Does powerbuilder require an HTTPS connection repository access?
This is the error we are seeing:

 PowerBuilder error

Thank You!

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  1. Francisco Martinez @Appeon
  2. Friday, 1 September 2023 22:15 PM UTC
Hi Esau,

I reviewed the documentation: https://docs.appeon.com/pb2022/pbug/ch01s03s01.html

Git is supposed to work with both HTTP and HTTPS.

Could you maybe use Fiddler to capture the incoming response from the server?


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  1. Andreas Mykonios
  2. Monday, 4 September 2023 06:02 AM UTC

While I have no experience with Gogs, I can confirm that PowerBuilder can connect to a repository using simple http. We are using Gitea without a certificate (http). It works fine. We have tested that with PB 2019R3, PB 2021 and PB 2022 R1 and R2.

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Francisco Martinez @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Friday, 1 September 2023 21:21 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Hi Jeff,


A 504 error generally indicates that something went wrong with the server itself that made it unable to handle the request. This suggests that there might be log entries related to the failed request. It would be a good idea to see if Gogs generates logfiles that might give more information as to what might be going wrong.



  1. Esau Redwan
  2. Friday, 1 September 2023 21:58 PM UTC
Hi Francisco sorry i left a reply above I meant to leave it here but theres no formatting and attachment options here
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