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We are in the process of configuring three applications we are working on in PowerBuilder 2017 R3 with Git

I personally myself connected to each of the repositories that were created for us when we started, and pushed the code up into each one.  Zero issues with the initial push.

After that was completed, I ran into a problem with doing a push from the workspace after I had committed some test changes in my local repository.

Because I'm also trying to make sure that I have my arms wrapped around everything that is going on with Git, I decided to delete my work from my personal directories, create new directories on my machine, and do a "Connect to Workspace" against each repository to pull the code back down to my machine. Just to see if this might clear up the errors.

Just so everybody knows what is happening.  I can log into the repository using the Git URL (using https) in my browser.  No problems.

Also, I have the Git Client as well as Tortoise Git installed on my machine. And just to throw another wrinkle in the mix, if I attempt to clone the repository to a directory on my machine using Tortoise Git, it works flawlessly.

I'm saying all this so everybody can see that I can access my repositories from my machine with zero issues.

That is until I attempt to use the "Connect to Workspace" to handle the cloning process.

As I mentioned, I created new directories to match each of the repositories we have.  Selected Git as the Source Control System.  Placed the repository URL in the window (copied this directly from the Git repository page). Placed the name of the workspace in the Workspace File. Put my User ID and Password in.  When I pressed the "Test Connection" button, I got the following error.

Another developer that is working with me is able to use the "Connect to Workspace" feature.  All the source code is pulled from each repository down into his directories with no problems at all.

If I was having issues connecting to the repositories on my machine through the Browser or Git/Tortoise, I could see PowerBuilder having an issue connecting to the repository using "Connect to Workspace", but no matter what I change, the Logon failure still happens.

I even left my User ID and Password off the dialog during one test.  No matter what, the error is always the same.  Now, if I left the Repository URL empty or the Workspace File empty, then I get an error telling me I need to put an entry in those fields.

Is there anybody that has ran into any issues with this?  We had initially thought we had to use Tortoise for the cloning process, but once I did some digging into "Connect to Workspace", and watched some of the tutorials on YouTube that cover this feature, I realized that PowerBuilder can handle the entire process on its own.

If anybody has any thoughts on what is happening, I would really appreciate it.


Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions
Nashville, TN

Tom Jiang @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Jeff,

Do you need to go through a proxy to connect to the Git server? If you do, for PowerBuilder, you need to set it in the following way:

  1. If using proxy server

    If using the proxy server, configure the proxy server IP address and port number in the PB.ini file (by default, the INI file is located in C:\Users\\appdata\local\appeon\powerbuilder 17.0\ in Windows 7 or later). Copy the following section to the INI file and set the appropriate value for the proxy server:







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