1. Swarnendu Das
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Hi Bruce et al.

I have deleted all the database profile from my PowerBuilder IDE and then tried to deploy a build for a target when I got error saying "Cannot compile without valid database sign-on". During the build process the "Database Profiles" window pops up asking me to connect to the database which I closed every time. 

But if I try to deploy the same application through command line the build becomes successful and the PBDs and Exe are generated. 

/d "C:\ApplBuild\pb\bem.pbt" /o "C:\ApplBuild\pb\bem.exe" /r "C:\ApplBuild\pb\bem.pbr" /w y /f /m n /x 32 /bg y /p "BEM" /cp "Company Name " /de "Manage Product Flow" /cr "Company Name" /v "" /vn "" /fv "" /fvn "" /ge 0 


Why is this so? How does PowerBuilder gets the Database information while compilation when deployment is done through command line? 

I am questioning because as I want to make the build process automated I want to make sure that running a deployment from command line is 100% legitimate and no error are suppressed.

Thank you!

Swarnendu Das.


Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Swarnendu;

   The IDE compilation will try and check (verify) your in-line and DWO's DML. That is why the IDE keeps asking for a DB Connection (aka Sign on). You can defeat this requirement in the IDE via the "System Options" dialogue, as follows:


The PBC does not verify your App's DML during compilation and thus why it never asks for a DB Connection - hence, sign on.


Regards ... Chris

Awesome! Thank you so much Chris!
  1. Swarnendu Das
  2. Monday, 16 September 2019
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