1. Kevin Thai
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Tuesday, 19 April 2022 22:59 PM UTC

Hi all,


I am currently receiving this message on the Powerbuilder IDE when looking at a Rich Text Edit control.


I am pretty sure I need to place the pbtxttext.dll somewhere, but not sure where. If anyone has encounter this issue please let me know how to fix it.


Your help will be much appreciated. 


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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 19 April 2022 23:35 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Hi Kevin;

   In order to help you, you should always list ...

  1. O/S version & build 
  2. PB version & build 
  3. TX control setting in the Application Object painter.
  4. Have you tried another PB dev machine?

Regards .. Chris




  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Wednesday, 20 April 2022 18:15 PM UTC
Hi Kevin .. thank you for trying this. That cured the other PB Developer's problem who had the same issue as you last year. I now suspect that it's your MS-Window environment. That can be easily verified by checking with your other PB developers. They should not have the same issue. If that is the case and its only your machine, before re-imaging - you might first like to try these DOS commands, as follows...

sfc /scannow

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

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  1. Kevin Thai
  2. Wednesday, 20 April 2022 18:57 PM UTC
Well....I actually do not know what I did. So after the reinstall it was not working so I decided to work on other things and for some reason its working now. Thanks for your help in all this.
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  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Wednesday, 20 April 2022 19:02 PM UTC
Maybe you forgot to reboot afterwards. That is awesome news Kevin! :-)
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