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  3. Friday, 8 December 2023 21:34 PM UTC


I recently upgraded PB and SnapDevelop from PB2021 to PB2022R2. No real issues, but a couple of items that I don't know if might cause problems at some point or not.

1. With 2021, my SnapDevelop publish setting had "portable" as the Target Runtime.  This apparently allowed the API we build to be published to servers of different operating systems.  With 2022R2, I get an error saying that "portable" isn't understood, so I'm having to choose "win-x64" instead.  This is not a big deal, because we only publish to one Azure server, and its a 64-bit windows OS.  I'm just wondering why the "portable" option isn't working anymore.  Is it obsolete?

2. With 2022R2, when I publish my SnapDevelop .net asp core 3.1 API project, I started getting a warning about a dependency.

The full text of the warning is...

C:\Users\Glenn Scamman\.nuget\packages\system.text.encoding.codepages\7.0.0\buildTransitive\netcoreapp2.0\System.Text.Encoding.CodePages.targets(4,5): Warning : System.Text.Encoding.CodePages 7.0.0 doesn't support netcoreapp3.1 and has not been tested with it. Consider upgrading your TargetFramework to net6.0 or later. You may also set <SuppressTfmSupportBuildWarnings>true</SuppressTfmSupportBuildWarnings> in the project file to ignore this warning and attempt to run in this unsupported configuration at your own risk.

The Nuget website says this about that package.


I think I'm probably ok since I doubt we are using any exotic code pages. But I'm wondering why the issue popped up after the upgrade, since we were using .net core 3.1 before as well.  This is not a package I installed on purpose, but must be a dependency on another package. Did it get upgraded automatically from an older version somehow? Is it a package provided by Appeon automatically?  I don't think I should be upgrading my target framework yet, at least not until I upgrade to PB2022R3 which utilizes .net core 6.0, I believe.

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Saturday, 9 December 2023 15:38 PM UTC
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in publish, 

deployment mode limits the runtime options.

framework dependent allows you to select portable for target runtime.

self contained means you need to select the cpu runtime.  I have no idea whether the prior version worked this way or not, but visual studio works exactly this way.


also, i am using .net 6 as the framework, so possibly there have been changes to asp .net 3 since i don't think microsoft is updating it anymore?


  1. mike S
  2. Saturday, 9 December 2023 15:45 PM UTC
Also, PB 22R2 (already out) is the version that supports .net6 core if you are talking about using the assemblies directly in pb. PB help now says:

"The recommended DLL version is .NET 6.0, although it is possible to import a lower version DLL."

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