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After having deployed our mobile application to iPhones, I realize that the Appeon Workspace on the Apple's App Store (under Appeon's account) is not updated to the latest version (i.e. build 1858.00).


I know this Appeon Workspace under Appeon's account is for demo only, but it is very helpful for testing a PowerServer mobile application on the iOS platform.


Could you please tell me how to get this AWS updated to the build 1858.00?




S. Chen


Zhao Kai Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Chen,

Apple app's store required the app support Notch screen now, but build 1858.00 does not support it, so could not be uploaded.

PowerSerever 2018 wich planed to be release around the end of December will support Notch screen, and we will update the Appeon Workspace by then.


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