1. Christopher Craft
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 21 September 2023 22:47 PM UTC

PowerBuilder 2022 1900

We are moving off Change/Synergy to these new tools which means our whole process will need to be re-analyzed.  Has anyone worked with a consultant that has experience with these tools and PowerBuilder?  

Thank you for any input/suggestions,

Chris Craft

Bruce Armstrong Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Friday, 22 September 2023 15:17 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Hi Chris.

Are you looking for a consultant that would help you move to those tools?

We're there, but we did the move ourselves.  Can share pointers, but can't do it for you.


  1. Bruce Armstrong
  2. Friday, 22 September 2023 15:22 PM UTC
P.S. Oracle/Jenkins was the trickier part. What we've done works, but it's largely home grown. There are tools out there that are supposed to make that part easier such as RegGate. https://documentation.red-gate.com/rgd1. I used a much earlier set of those tools when I was a contractor at Boeing. Current company didn't want to put out the $$$ for that if we could do something that worked ourselves.
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  1. Christopher Craft
  2. Friday, 22 September 2023 19:04 PM UTC
I guess that is also my question to everyone - is this something that everyone has just done themselves or have they worked with a consultant to help them through it.

We are looking for the consultant to help us re-evaluate/re-design our SDLC using these latest tools (or any other tools). Our current flow is we have a Change Request (CR) come in which then gets analyzed and eventually moved into development. We then have tasks that are assigned to that CR which are used for all the code check outs/in. Once development is done then the CR goes to code complete which the build will automatically pick up for packaging. Then the CR goes into testing and once done will get released for deployment. This whole process will now need to be changed to support these new tools and we just want to make sure that what we do will be a solid approach for years to come (our current stuff is going on 20 years).

And I have never heard of RedGate or tools like for Oracle! That is very interesting...and another tool for a consultant to help me out with!

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  1. Bruce Armstrong
  2. Friday, 22 September 2023 19:27 PM UTC
Yeah, I love the RedGate stuff. You might recognize this guy: https://www.red-gate.com/simple-talk/databases/sql-server/tools-sql-server/product-review-schema-compare-for-oracle/

DevArts has something similar: https://www.devart.com/dbforge/oracle/studio/oracle-database-migration-tool.html

Of course, if you want to do what all the new cool kids are doing then you'll want to look at something like Flyway, which I just realized is also a Redgate product now (they bought it in 2020). https://flywaydb.org/oracle. There's a similar product called Liguibase. https://www.liquibase.org/ The primary difference is that Flyway generates SQL scripts and Liquibase generates XML docs that are then used to apply the changes. I prefer the Flyway approach.

FWIW though, I doubt you'll be able to come up with something that will last another 20 years. it seems that we're constantly tweaking our dev process. Well, part of that is that we're also moving from on prem to AWS. Goodbye (and good riddance) Weblogic.
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Christopher Craft Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 21 September 2023 22:51 PM UTC
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I meant to mention that I have talked with Don Clayton regarding the Git/Jenkins but this is more about the whole process flow from a call ticket, bug tracking, etc.

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