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Is there an event for when "next" is pressed on the android keyboard? , I have a window in which we capture a user (singlelinetext) and password (singlelinetext). if the person presses "next" on the android keyboard after capturing the user changes the focus to password but the modified or losefocus is not executed until it changes by pressing on the password part manually, if the user who entered already exists and press "next" from the android keyboard it marks error "existing user" but when you select the user part to type it, I have in the getfocus the line namesinglelinetext.text = ''
  so that it deletes "existing user" and can write it, but does not delete it and causes the person to have to delete manually "existing user" to be able to write it and that is not correct.



Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 12 September 2019 23:35 PM UTC
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Hi Arturo;

  No ... neither the Apple or Android devices that I have ever seen have a NEXT (tab / back-tab) on their keyboards.  Maybe have a look at a "custom" keyboard "add-on".

  My other suggestion would be to add a TAB/Back-Tab (and/or NEXT/PRIOR) command buttons into your data-entry window and write a few lines of PowerScript to make this behaviour happen under program control. Just a thought.

Regards ... Chris

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