1. Diane Royer
  2. InfoMaker
  3. Wednesday, 23 June 2021 13:50 PM UTC

I'm trying to add a subreport to a grouped report.  I added retrieval arguments to my subreport.  When I added the subreport to the grouped report, I filled in the criteria with fields from the grouped report (including the ID_Num that the report is grouped on).  When I try to run the report, it tells me that "Nest Arguments are incorrectly specified".  I don't know what that means or how to correct it.


Can you tell me how I can nest the reports and have them linked together so that the subreport will only reflect the data for the group it is in?

Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 23 June 2021 19:06 PM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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Hi Diane;

  Can you provide more information about the DWO's and how they are mapped (ie: Screen Captures)?

Suggestion ... export the DWOs in question and attach them to this post for us to look into deeper.

Regards ... Chris

  1. Diane Royer
  2. Friday, 25 June 2021 15:54 PM UTC
I attached some snapshots, do you have any ideas?
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  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Friday, 25 June 2021 16:33 PM UTC
Hi Diane ... Is your original "Nest Arguments are incorrectly specified" error now OK?
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Diane Royer Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 24 June 2021 12:34 PM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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The error message went away after I closed and re-opened my report.  Here are the General properties for my subreport.

I tried to set the subreport up so that it would wrap to two columns if it was too long.  However, when I add it to my base report, it doesn't wrap.  I tried unchecking the Autosize Height for the Detail section, but it just cuts the report off when it hits the end of the section.


If I put the Autosize back on, it lists all of the courses, but it cuts off the end of the report instead of it flowing to the second page.

What should I do?  How can I get all of the courses to list and have the full report displayed?  Is there a way to get the Group Footer to wrap to the second page?

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