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  3. Wednesday, 29 November 2023 21:04 PM UTC

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Appeon InfoMaker 2019
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Hi, I have a report that works. The report is 9 pages. I click design datasource and add some columns to the datasource. Click x on the box to close and save. A message displays "the action just taken has forced the preview view to be rebuilt, you may need to re-retieve your data". Now the report is printing 15 blank pages between the same 9 pages. How do I refresh the design so the report doesn't show blank pages?


I see something similar with Data Window but it is not the same since in my case all of the 9 pages are still printing, there are blank pages between the 9 pages. 


Also, we are using v2019 R1, this version is already EOL'ed
do we need to upgrade to v2019 R3 or, ideally, to v2022 R2

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  1. Wednesday, 29 November 2023 22:22 PM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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Hi Tom,

What happened most likely is that after you added columns to your data source, Infomaker added those same columns to your existing report layout, to the right of the right-most elements in the existing report, causing them to spill outside of the printable area of a single page. Those blank pages actually contain your new columns.

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  1. Wednesday, 29 November 2023 21:16 PM UTC
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A similar issue on datawindows is https://community.appeon.com/index.php/qna/q-a/very-annoying-datawindow-the-action-just-taken-has-forced-the-preview-view-to-be-rebuilt-clearing-all-column-design

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