Benchmarking PowerServer w/ and w/o WebAPI

4 years 9 months ago #251 by Marco Meoni
Marco Meoni created the code: Benchmarking PowerServer w/ and w/o WebAPI
This demo shows how to call Web API from PowerServer.
It compares the significant difference in performance between a PowerServer app performing multiple "interrelated" server calls via DW Retrieve and SQL Cursors, and same PowerServer app that instead calls REST API handling C# Datastore retrieve and SQL operations on its own (via objects provided by SnapObjects.Data, such as SQLBuilder and SQLExecutor).
To this purpose, C# Web API helps solve performance issues in PowerServer heavy scripts and multiple roundtrips to DB.
Complex Business Logic is transferred to the server, while keeping PowerServer as the most effective solution for migrating PB apps to the Web and Mobile platforms with little effort.

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